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I regularly deliver talks and workshops on topics including raising the impact of design on business and strategy, design-driven cultural transformation, design systems, and mindful creativity. I've also created several distinct workshops and talks for individual clients and would be happy to discuss your event and specific needs.

From Cargo Cults to Creative Systems

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Many designers are comfortable managing complicated sets of information, but less are comfortable with complexity, and the ambiguity that often surrounds it. Instead, we turn to buzzwordy processes (Design Thinking! Agile!) without addressing the underlying behaviors and relationships that actually hold the keys to change. In this talk, I introduce the vocabulary and dynamics of systems, and address how need to consider them if we‘re going to be successful shepherding transformation.

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Design Systems for People

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So much of the focus on design systems centers around the stuff we put in them. However, examples and surveys show that it's the culture of communication and collaboration that actually holds the keys to success. Design systems amplify that culture, so we have to focus on improving those systems first in order to create design systems that thrive.

(note: this content can be delivered in many formats, from a 1-hour talk to an 8-hour immersive workshop.)


Designing for Impact

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Design is at a pivotal moment. Our influence within the business is growing, our skills are in higher demand as problems grow more complex, and companies across size and industries are asking themselves: how do we increase the impact of design?

Explore the drivers of design maturity through the lens of research, drawing from two major reports released last year, and from stories of success to learn how highly design-mature companies manage, evangelize, and practice design.

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Creative Mindfulness: Designing with a Beginners Mindset

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Part of the design process requires detaching ourselves from our personal bias, habits, and assumptions. Counterintuitively, the more we "do" design (or anything), the more challenging it is for us to return to a state where we can actively self-assess and improve our approach to problem-solving.

In this talk, I introduce creative methods to be more intentional and to carry a beginner's mindset into your work. We'll discuss how to better arm you and your teams to stay productively curious and to encourage that behavior in others.

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