Recent Work

My work over the past several years has ranged from defining product strategy, building design systems, creating communities of practice, and consulting design teams and leaders around the characteristics of high-impact design teams. Increasingly, I’m interested in how design methods can be applied to system change, such as through designing more resilient organizations and communication strategy.

These case studies capture some of my work. Please contact me for a full portfolio.

InVision business design case study

Centering the customer through an experience framework

Currently, I am leading a program of work to develop a customer experience framework. Our goal is to understand what motivates and affects customer decisions as relates to our brand and products, and adopt common practices and priorities with the customer at the center.

InVision Design Systems workshops case study

Sculpting a community of practice around Design

I’ve also been working on creating content and practices related to design systems. My role has allowed me to work closely with many design teams over the last two years at different levels of maturity and and across different stages of design systems. Through workshops, conversation, and discovery, I’ve established a series of activities that teams can use to build intentionally and to scale.

Degreed Reporting case study

Designing an enterprise reporting ecosystem

I led the work to understand how our customers were deploying our product internally and how we could support them through a reporting interface to make more informed decisions. After several rounds of testing and iteration, a robust reporting ecosystem became a flagship feature within our enterprise product, giving customers the information they needed to provide better content and learning paths to their employees (our end users).

HackerRank case study

Building a product and a design team from the ground up

I joined the founding team of HackerRank to empower developers to hone their skills and be discovered by top companies. Between 2012 and 2015 I led design of the core platform, grew the initial design team across two product lines, created and deployed our initial design language, and contributed to product strategy.