Emily Campbell is a designer, product manager, and strategist.

She builds products, communities, and cultures centered around collaboration and learning.

Currently I am VP of Product and Design at BookClub, connecting authors with readers for life changing conversations.

Previously I was Director of Experience Strategy at InVision, where I consulted to clients and internal teams on collaboration practices, design leadership, and the business value of design.

and before that I led enterprise design, later product at Degreed, and led design at HackerRank, two companies rethinking how we approach skills and learning in the future of work.

Featured writing

  • A new chapter in my story

    I’m excited, through a bit nervous, to share that I am taking a big leap: co-founding BookClub, a platform to help us learn, grow, and experience our world through life changing conversations, centered around books and the authors themselves.
  • Experience, Commodities, and the American Dream

    The value we ascribe to experiences has a fetish-like quality, ascribing far more value that the worth of the inputs it takes to create it. This has dangerous repercussions on how we live, consume, and interact with the world around us.
  • How Motown built their success on a culture of creativity and collaboration

    Motown may be known for its hits, but its success is largely owed to its creative, and highly collaborative culture. The principles that founder Berry Gordy designed his business around are relevant to any creative organization. They inspire me, and I hope they inspire you too.
  • Inclusion, joy, and superpowers

    Our differences are our superpowers: traits that allow us to experience the world in a manner that is special and unique. Through inclusive design, we have the privilege of empowering people to discover their own super powers, to live authentically, and to fully experience the world in radical ways.