Topic: “Note”

Two poems, one perspective

I’ve struggled to process my emotional response to the Russian-driven war in Ukraine. Both of these poems were republished in The New York Times this month, and both capture some piece of my emotional puzzle: the relative privilege of observing a war up close but from afar. It will be many years until we can […]

Scientific American: Examining unconscious bias in engineering

When we design and build with equity and justice in mind, we craft better solutions that respond to the complexities of entrenched systemic problems. I imagine a better future where we claim our subjectivity by sharing and celebrating our lived experience and how that motivates our work—and hold ourselves accountable to making engineering work for […]

Book notes: Anxious People

Longer notes and quotes from the book Anxious People, an insightful commentary on the hardships and complicated human experience that step from living in a computational world, masked as a tragic comedy.

I love a good story-behind-the-story thread

Here’s a great example from Figma: This is a story of a Figma bug that wasn’t a bug at all.⁰ In November of 2019, one of our users reported this: ⁝ MW — Figma (@figmadesign) May 20, 2021

The Anxiety of Influencers

Via Harpers So the truth is that the influencer economy is just a garish accentuation of the economy writ large. As our culture continues to conflate the private and public realms—as the pandemic has transformed our homes into offices and our bedrooms into backdrops, as public institutions increasingly fall prey to the mandates of the […]

Portals to Beautiful Futures

I’ve recently been introduced to Omidyar, an organization working to bring about structural change at a system level. Their recent report is a provocative rallying call for co-creation and collaborative solutions to some of our most complex problems.