Some recent favorites

The woman who gave the macintosh a smile

Susan Kare, the woman behind the original Macintosh iconography, is being awarded the AIGA medal today for her contributions to design. With our endless set of advanced design tools that allow us to manipulate pixels on the screen as if they were real, fluid things, her work is both impressive and refreshing. Her icons, constrained to 32x32px grids, are timeless, and continue to communicate volumes despite their references to ever irrelevant technology (floppy discs?). The images of her sketchbooks offer constant inspiration.

Chroma, by Ben Thomas

I am in love with the saturated style of this photographer. Don’t these just scream summer?

Kanye West is back on Twitter and basically wrote a self-help book

This week I followed Kanye West’s Twitter feed after he started posting truisms and gems of advice on creativity, mindfulness, and being true to yourself. Seriously, I want to print these out and paste them above my desk.

On social media as a creative tool

I’ve been trying to share more of my authentic self on Twitter, lately. It doesn’t come easy to me, which is strange because I am very comfortable with myself and expressing my personality in person. Anyway, as I dig into that, I was inspired by this collection of creatives sharing how they use Twitter as a tool. As an aside, I connected my feed to the Watson Personality Insights service from IBM and was impressed by the results (though I think it tells me I need to express more of my cheerfulness online).

Results of Watson Personality insights report

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Teach kids creativity. Ultimately, machines will be better at coding

We need to rethink the way we teach our children and the things we teach them. Creativity will be increasingly be the defining human talent. Our education system should emphasize the use of human imagination to spark original ideas and create new meaning. It’s the one thing machines won’t be able to do.

This was a refreshing perspective. In the rush to teach everyone to code, I’m not sure we’ve stopped to think about the roles humans will actually be playing in 20 years. Creative thinking allows you to adapt to new environments, adopt to skills, weather adversity, and find compassion for others. Love this advice.

Designing systematic colors

This deep dive into creating color systems is heavy but fascinating. I want to walk through each of these steps using a past project of mine to see where I could have improved and adopt this process into my workflow. (Bonus: I’ve bookmarked this video of Diana Mounter discussing color systems at Github I plan to watch this weekend).

This album of vintage Airstream photos

I’ve always loved the idea of renovating an old airstream and driving around the country in a nostalgic attempt to connect with bygone days of Americana. Honestly though, it was the outfits in all their polyester glory that caught my eye in this collection. I want.

Vintage 1970s Airstream Photos